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  • Django Workflow: The Basics

    29 Feb 2016

    Django’s all about two things: efficiency, and accessibility. Once you’ve gotten started on it, you’ll find yourself settling into a routine pretty quick. It’s just slick like that. Still, you might find yourself wondering just what sort of workflow is the very slickest – in this day and age, we’re ever looking for ways to […]

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  • Graphic Designer vs. Web Developer

    29 Feb 2016

    Think working together is just common sense? Maybe it is, in theory; but there’s an issue plaguing most industries that, really, has existed since civilisation began: the clash of the arts and the sciences. Most web developers and graphic designers don’t think they’ll have any issues working with each other – until they actually have […]

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NoMU means business

08 Jul 2013


KRAZYBOYZ loves coming up with solutions for our clients, and that is exactly what we did for NoMU

This premium brand came to KRAZYBOYZ with a limited budget but big plans. Wanting more for their budget they wanted to stir up their digital presence and enhance their offering on-line. They however lacked the budget to redevelop their complete web site. So what was the solution?  A phased approach, which allow them to focus on the most important and leave the rest for later...

KRAZYBOYZ has over the last couple of months relaunched the NoMU mailer solutionNoMU blog and this month sees the launch of the NoMU shop

What makes this so extraordinary? All of these live together on the NoMU web site happily although there is no shared backend environment. The blog uses a Word Press backend while the shop makes use of the Open Cart ecommerce functionality, while the rest of the site runs on PHP framework. 

Do you see the beauty of all this? A custom development which provide a single voice while not breaking the bank, allowing portions of site to serve its purpose.

The NoMU mailers make use of our Django based ANTISTATIC mailing solution which provides companies with the ability to manage bulk mailings either themselves or by KRAZYBOYZ. 

NoMU has over 20,000 subscribers which are mailed twice monthly. The KRAZYBOYZ bulk message solution provides access to stats and trends which in turn means they are now able to enhance their message and reach their valued customers.

So the next step? Enhancing the rest of their site and taking a look at Inbound Marketing. You’re your eyes on the NoMU web site because big things are bound to happen.

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